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For questions about apps, libraries or userscripts that provide insight in how reputation of a user came to be.

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9 votes
1 answer

Question and Answer Icon Annotations in Reputation History

Description This UserScript makes it easier to differentiate post type in the reputation history (/users/:user-id/username?tab=reputation) by adding Q and A icons as visual indicators. Specifically, ...
2 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to determine total number of upvotes and downvotes (etc) for a user (regardless of reputation cap)?

For example, if you use the /users/<id>/reputation call, you get a list of reputation changes for the user, but it takes the daily reputation cap into account. What I would like is an API call ...
7 votes
1 answer

/users/tags should contain scores

I am implementing some simple JavaScript/bookmarklet based apps that show some reputation info, including the score in the User's top tags (roughly based on this previous bookmarklet of mine). Now I ...
4 votes
2 answers

Is there an app that shows rep as points/week etc?

I'm interested in seeing my reputation graphed as points earned per day/week/month rather than the cumulative graph you get on your profile. Is there an existing app for that or is it something I'd ...
0 votes
2 answers

Is there an app to monitor reputation and new answers/comments?

Is there a desktop app that will alert me when my reputation changes, and when I have a new answer or comment on any of my questions?
4 votes
1 answer

/users/{id}/reputation !=

I realize that the shape of the data coming from the API may be different than that reported by the xxx/reputation url, but there seem to be some striking disparities. see 08/12 and 08/11 in both ...