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For the feature of registering your app / script / library to get a key and/or use OAuth authentication.

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Registering app for API 2.0 key without Oauth domain

I'm trying to register an app, but it states that I need to add an OAuth domain. But I have Enable Client Side OAuth Flow disabled, because I don't need it right now. I basically have two questions: ...
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Is it appropriate to register for a "Dev" app key?

When an app is in early development stages, it is quite common not to have an Icon, a Name, a Website, or even a description. I'm considering registering one key which I could use in all my Alpha ...
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I only need a key, what do I do?

I'm told by others and read in Looking for a beginner's tutorial to using the API that I need "To Get A Key!" but when I then visit I'm stil ...
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What exactly is a valid OAuth domain name for registering your app?

I'm starting to write a native Android client for Stack Overflow, and wondering what exactly is a valid OAuth domain name? Is it the package name of my app? Or do I have to point it to a server ...
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How to delete apps in StackApps?

I have registered an app in Stack Apps. I am trying to delete it, but unable to find the solution. Is there a way to delete it?
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My registered apps are not showing in my profile; where can I find them?

I registered two apps in Stack Apps, but when I access my account, it shows no registered apps. How can I mark them as my apps and how can access app settings (client id, key), etc?
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What to do with "OAuth Domain" in the registration page for a browser user script?

I want to register my first project so I can make more API calls without hitting the limit now that it seems to be good enough for others to use. My project is a browser userscript that works with ...
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No website (yet), how to register?

I just started developing a Stack Overflow client, and wanted to add authentication. I found out I needed to register for that and wasn't sure if it was okay to register your app when it is not yet ...
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Does a registered stack apps application have to be a website?

If I've created an application that is not a website, can I still register it and get a key?
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Can I register for an API key for an "alpha" site?

I appreciate that you'll want to limit users of the no-key API, however I fear that on a daily basis I might exceed the 300 limit in testing alone. I certainly don't want to hammer the API, but my ...
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How to access my App info

I've registered for an app yesterday, but I'm not finding where should I go to see/edit its info again. I've search through profile, at but couldn't find it.
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Is it possible to register V2.0 apps that are not web apps?

I want to register an app that will use the V2.0 API here: However, the app will run on a mobile phone so I cannot enter a domain name. What can I possibly ...
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API v2.0 Developing desktop app

If I am developing a client side application, what kind of domain should I provide to 0Auth callback? Can it be a custom application-centric scheme (like myapp://oauthcallback/)?
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Can I make a Private Application?

I wish to access the API from a purely internal application; no visible app to the public, no promotion, no OAuth. That seems impossible via the key registration form; am I missing something?
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The fieldnames in the error message do not match the names used on the form

When you register an app here there are 4 fields that are required: Application Name Description OAuth domain Application Website Leaving those fields empty returns this error message: Image from I ...
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OAuth domain with a custom port in a dev environment? [duplicate]

I have an app for which the OAuth domain is However, the domain for dev environment is When trying to authorize the website, Stack Exchange replies with an error ...
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