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Questions about tools for: the favorite question feature, the favorite tags feature, or extending "favoritism" to other features.

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StackMarks™ - Better bookmarks for a better experience

v1.4.2, 2021/6/10 UTC Preview Notice: There have been breaking changes to the UI. This preview is outdated (per version 1.0). View the most updated preview in the user manual at the bottom of this ...
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Reorderable favorite tags - drag & drop ordering for the Watched tag sidebar

Screenshot About Motivated by this question: This'll restore the previous behavior: tags will remain ...
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Default Stack Exchange behavior interferes with my "Mark answers as favorites" code?

I'm developing a browser extension that lets users mark answers as favorites. The default Stack Exchange behavior when the favorite button is clicked messes everything up, though. Even if I set my own ...
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Keep track of questions by high reputation users by favoriting them

Some users may prefer to pay extra attention to questions asked by those with sufficiently high reputation. This application aims to make this easier by automatically "bookmarking" such questions, i.e....
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Favourites Enhancer: Tag favourites and add personal notes

Inspired by this question, I've made a userscript that allows you to tag favourites, and add personal notes to them (until SE implements this themselves!): To create favourites When you click on the ...
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Syntax for Adding a Question as a Favorite?

I would like to be able to have my application make a request to the Stack Exchange API to favorite a question for the current user. The API specifies that this can be done via: /2.2/questions/{id}/...
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OBSOLETE - Stack Favorites: A basic organizer of your Stack Overflow favorites

App no longer available for use and not in development. Screenshot / Code Snippet About This basic website allows users to organize their Stack Overflow favorites by tags, or search through ...
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