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For questions related to the Stack Exchange elections. This can be the elections page, criteria and/or statistics surrounding elections.

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Stack Exchange, Election Assistant

For moderator elections, this script greatly helps vet and compare candidates. Features: Lists candidates in sorted order. Find him/her in a repeatable, predictable, location every page visit. Click ...
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Could we please have election data added to the API?

It would be great if the election data were available from the API. Use cases: Applications can display notifications when certain events happen in the election. A user might want to check their ...
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Request for user script to show/estimate moderator candidate scores from the time the user nominated in the election

I'd like a user script that, on moderator election pages, queries the API for user's candidate scores at the time they nominated in the election in question. Election pages, including historical ...
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API returns flags options for election comments while flagging them isn't possible

When trying to retrieve the flag options on a comment, e.g. on the currently active one on Skeptics.SE (but it works for any election):
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Election comment links Makes the datestamp into a comment link for election comments. Also fixes the issue in the ...
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