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A tip for developers working with the Stack Exchange API.

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How to call the API via JSONP in Plain Old JavaScript

This tips demonstrates how to call the API in JavaScript without the need of jQuery or other frameworks. In a lot of cases you will find that the JSONP implementations provided in various frameworks ...
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How to use min/max with sort

While some sort values make inference of the expected min/max values less than ambiguous, others do not. Pending formal documentation, I hope this can serve as an informal reference. Aggregated sort ...
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How to get the count of a query efficiently

To get the count of a query without returning results, simply specify pagesize=0. { "total": 1161, "page": 1, "...
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Announcement: StackExchange API Development Wiki

RIP August 24, 2010 - April 26, 2013 Due to lack of interest and the increasing burden of maintenance, I have decided to close down this wiki. Most of the information that it contains is either ...
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recommended buffer size for markdown fields is conservative

I ran into a truncation error while inserting user data into a database using the documented field length (buffer size) of 3000. So I redefined to nvarchar(max), pulled all users in the stack ...
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How to retrieve paged API results in C# and Silverlight

In this tip we are going to leverage the SimpleRequestFactory and gather a multipage response. Let's pull the first 5 pages of 100 users on NOTE: for Silverlight, substitute Newtonsoft....
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Dev-Tip: How to call the API in C# and Silverlight

This tip shows a simple and reliable way to create HttpWebRequest that are configured to properly query the api. With the exception of the AutomaticDecompression assignment, this code can be used in ...
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