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StackFlair - **Defunct** Generate flair for your Stack Exchange associated accounts

Note: This app, and the associated website have been offline since 2012. The GitHub project may still be useful to you. Sample flair styles: About There have been several requests on Meta ...
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Stackoverflow as an app on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7?

Do you know of an app for Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7 that let me use and hast most (if not all) features of the site itself. Maybe there is one currently in development? ...
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Odd String Format Result from API Call

I'm just getting started messing around with the SO API. I haven't worked with JSON before, and I am getting a strange result from a basic call (No API Key). WebClient stackClient = new WebClient(); ...
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Overflow7 - Stack Exchange sites on Windows Phone 7

Video of 1.0 On YouTube - About This is a Stack Overflow app for Windows Phone 7 - it allows you to browse, read and bookmark Stack Exchange sites Screenshot ...
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Finding a user given their (exact) display name

For my app, I allow people to "register" themselves on my site by typing in their Stack Overflow (etc) name. Now it does allow you to use your ID if you know it, but I find that typing in usernames is ...
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StackTagz - Track the topics you are interested in over time

StackTagz Screenshot / Code Snippet About StackTagz analyses your participation in StackExchange sites by looking at which tags you are active in. A question, an answer or a ...
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Best way of structuring a library?

I am busy building an app using the API and I am about to start to work with the API. I have looked at the one other PHP library, and it is one object with method calls which return back a ...
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Newest unaswered by tags

Screenshot About Often, when I was looking for questions to answer on StackOverflow, I would go through newest unanswered questions and look for those that had one of my favorite tags. The “my tags” ...
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min/max parameters are incorrectly documented as date - confusion and crippled libraries ensue

I have noticed this on all sorted routes. The min/max say that they are context sensitive to the sort type yet are documented as date. How is a date min/max valid when sorting by, for instance votes?...
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Any CSS ninjas want to help me style my sample app?

I really am horrible at CSS. I am making a SO clone example application that will eventually consume as much of the StackOverflow.Net API as possible. Although it is a clone, I am not expecting it to ...
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