In 2015 I built a tool to check your voting activity on meta. It was live probably for a year before my free domain was terminated.

A lot of time passed since then, and a few days ago I decided to fully rebuild this tool, so here it is, in the gorgeous new design, completely new! It has nothing in common with the first version, I couldn't even find its code (though it was still miles behind, the new one actually houses some convenient features and unique design)

App website

Tool is live here: voting activity tool v2.0.


  • select any site from dropdown with convenient autocomplete feature
  • select a day using date picker
  • find your ID (it's in /users/{user-id}) and paste it into user ID field


  • sleek design that allows a quick, comfortable overview of all your votes during any selected day
  • expandable votes with a unique "daily net score" feature
  • no need to input your ID and site every time, the app saves them
  • "revert" button in the date picker sets the date for today



This is a webapp, built standard HTML/CSS/JS (no libs). Also, Cloudflare Worker as a proxy to fetch information from Stack Exchange (wouldn't be possible otherwise due to CORS policy); other than that pretty much nothing.

Bugs? Requests?

Please report / request below in comments / answers

Why tho?...

I realize that this is more of a gimmick, rather than a widely useful tool, but still. Moreover, there was a feature request years ago, so probably someone would benefit from this nowadays.

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It was not obvious to me, perhaps you could mention in the text on the app that the user id is different for each site.

Also, why limit it to a day? A date range would be useful.

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