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The code is in this file on GitHub.


This script adds a box to the paginator where you can type in a page number (i.e., on the Questions page), press Enter, and then it will take you to the page number you specified.

The user Goku カカロット suggested a feature that does this in this MSE question. As far as I know, this isn't an official feature currently, so I wrote a userscript that does that.


This userscript is under the MIT license.




I typically write these on Windows in either Firefox or a Chromium-based browser with Tampermonkey installed. Other userscript managers may work, but I don't test with other ones.


I made this. The easiest way to contact me is to ping me in Chat, but feel free to leave a comment/answer here, or file an issue on the GitHub repo that my userscripts are in.


I wrote this in JavaScript, I have a repo on GitHub where I keep the userscripts I wrote. Feel free to send a PR there if you want.

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    I would recommend injecting CSS to style the element, rather than using inline styles, especially since you're already assigning the new element an ID (which makes selecting it using CSS trivial). Commented Jan 12, 2023 at 21:08


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