Stack Me First

A browser extension to Highlight, Sort & display a list of all questions, comments or links answered and upvoted by the current user.


This Plugin has 2 components to it

1. Popup:

  • The User Preferences section allows the user to choose preferences to disable extracting information if required
  • The Login/Logout buttons allows the user to login which enables enhanced features to identify hidden information (like hidden comments or linked question you upvoted/favorited) (yet to be deployed)

Based on the current question and the logged in user, the popup shows a list of

  • All the answers - posted by the logged in user (login is optional)
  • All the comments - posted by the logged in user (login is optional)
  • All the linked questions - upvoted/favorited by the logged in user (yet to be deployed, mandatory login)

Stack Me First - Popup Screenshot

2. Highlights content in current question in the DOM

Highlights the Questions, comments & Linked Questions upvoted by the logged in user with a green/orange border

Stack Me First - Question Screenshot


GNU GPL version 3




Created by Gangula


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