This is a sample app to consult Stack Overflow and more generally Stack Exchange sites. I was using the original site app but, after resetting my iPhone I lost it, so decided to do one by myself. Currently, it is only a reader, with search and cache capabilities. In each post there is a link to open it in browser, if you want to reply, add comment, ... That is how I currently use it.

Screenshot / Code Snippet:


Download / Install:

The app is available in AppStore : https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/pocketoverflow/id1640707675 WebSite : https://pocketoverflow.000webhostapp.com ( work in progress ... )


App run on iPhone (iOS 15.5+), iPad (iPadOS 15.5+), Mac M1 (macOS 12.3+)


Created by P'tit Xav.

You can contact with mail : pocket.overflow@gmx.com

License: (optional)

Currently free with no ad.

May be I will add, tip IAP if people want to help me.


Use Swift, SwiftUI (+ Combine) No third party framework. Thanks to Stack Overflow community, I could find usefull help in some posts.


  • 1.0

initial version

  • 1.1

User can save questions, answers.
Direct access to user questions, answers and comments.
For help in icons tap the 🤔.

  • 1.2

Some animation for help Cache management improved Clean cache button Access to question from answer/comment



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