I'm using this code (in an async function):

let about = await fetch("https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/me?order=desc&access_token="+token+"&sort=reputation&site=gaming&filter=!)scMKI1zXS19EMMxEj7e");

but I'm getting a 400 Bad Request error. I have gotten access, I have accepted the app and then recorded the data.access_token, which is what token is (I have checked that the token looks right, it is).

I used this API help page to generate it. I've spent a bunch of time trying to figure this out, but I can't even find any examples.

What am I doing wrong?

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An access_token is not enough; you need to specify a value for key as well. You can find it in the entry for your app here, this is how it looks like for one of mine:

enter image description here

I'm not sure how it works in JavaScript, but in cases like yours the API will send error details in the body; your library may ignore it by default if the HTTP code indicates an error, but it's still worth looking at.

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