The Stack Exchange API supports access to Stack Overflow for Teams; see the Teams API documentation.

But, since Teams content is private, post images aren't uploaded to imgur.com, but instead hosted on the Teams server. The resulting URLs look like this:

https://stackoverflow.com/c/[team name]/images/s/[guid].png

and they can only be accessed via the browser when you're logged in.

It looks like they cannot be accessed via the API and, unlike normal post images, can't be fetched with a simple GET.

Please add a route for an API client to download these post images.

  • Worse, user avatar pictures are still hosted, publicly, on i.stack.imgur.com, gravatar.com, etc., and provided in the profile_image property. It is much more egregious, in my book, for my company-mandated actual photo to be on the internet -- as opposed to my, um, "Perfect likeness, and totally not made up" avatar that I use publicly. – Brock Adams Dec 12 '18 at 1:01

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