Boson is a both a framework to create any general purpose tracking robots for Stack Exchange and also a tracking bot built on top of the framework to report any content that matches a given set of filters, in the described way and place.

Example Usage

  • Tracking all the new questions posted on Stack Overflow every 3 minutes (180 seconds)

    @Boson track stackoverflow questions 180
  • Tracking comments every 500 seconds on PostId 93696 on the workplace

    @Boson track workplace comments 500 -f POST_ID -v 93696
  • Tracking recently created tags on interpersonal skills every 6 hours and post them in a room 54445.

    @Boson track interpersonal.stackexchange.com tags 21600 -r 54445 --host STACK_EXCHANGE

Source Code

The source code is present on Github. Check this out for a list of commands. The bot is currently being built in the workshop.

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