I've been looking at the API docs and more specifically at the filters available for the /answers/{ids}, /posts/{ids} and /questions/{ids} routes but can't find anything other than upvoted and downvoted.

Is it possible to find out the date a user voted on a post using the API (with any type of access token scope)?

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Obviously, vote time data is sensitive and censored to protect voter anonymity.

So, scanning the list of available objects in the API, we see that:

  1. A user's downvote times can be obtained via the /users/{id}/reputation-history/full route for the authenticated user only.
    (Even for downvotes that cost no reputation)

  2. There is no object that returns a user's upvote times.
    Currently, your only recourse is to log into the website and scrape the

  3. Question up/down vote times, normalized and aggregated to midnight can be had via the /questions/{ids}/timeline route.

  4. Answer up/down vote times are only available as a subset of the parent question's timeline.

  5. You cannot see voting time information for anybody but yourself (or the authenticated user), via any means (Website, API, SEDE, Data Dump).

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