This userscript adds keyboard shortcuts to StackExchange comments. The default ones are: Ctrl+B (bold), Ctrl+I (italic), Ctrl+K (code), and Ctrl+L (link). You can yourself extend this with more custom Ctrl + single_key shortcuts as required (Ctrl+U can give UNICORNselectionUNICORN ;) ). This works in all SE site comments, as well as the chatbox on all chat.SE and chat.SO.

This extension works the same way as the actual StackExchange editor works: such that pressing Ctrl+B with nothing selected inserts a placeholder (**strong text**), while pressing Ctrl+B with existing bold text un-boldens it. Trailing whitespaces are also handled similarly.

For links, this uses the prompt() dialog box. It automatically prepends http:// as a default, otherwise the inline Markdown links don't work.

The only difference from the SE editor is that this userscript uses the single underscore (_) instead of the single asterisk (*) for italics as a default. This is mainly to prevent clashes between bold and italics form (and their wrapping and unwrapping) when they are nested.


GitHub - Install link and View source


Tested on Chrome 66 (Tampermonkey) and Firefox 60 (Greasemonkey) on Windows 10


  1. How to extend this with custom shortcuts?
    • open the source with your local monkey and head over to around line 35 at the declaration var WRAPPERS =
    • each wrapper uses the format: keycode: ["placeholder", "delimiter"] which I think is fairly straightforward
    • so, for the above example, just do 85: ["unicornify!", "UNICORN"]. Also, don't forget the comma to separate this from the previous wrapper!
    • you can get the keycode for your key via http://keycode.info
  2. This userscript differs from the previous one as:

    • it didn't allow custom wrappers
    • it didn't work the same way the SE editor does (specifically, you needed to press Ctrl+B twice, also it had no support for un-boldening)
  3. This userscript is currently a beta release, and will be updated as a formal release after a week's testing.


Do whatever you wish to do, just don't sell this for money (but may use it in a commercial software's code) or state that you made it yourself. Do post here an answer if you do something cool with this :D


Post bugs or feature requests as answers below!


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