Please note that SEStandard is still under development. It is currently at version 1.0.0-rc, and is a release candidate. While you can expect the API not to change, you might come across bugs. Please report them here.

This post will be updated in synchrony with the code.


SEStandard is a C# library for querying the Stack Exchange API that,

Code Snippet

To list the top 10 highest voted questions on Stack Overflow,

using RavinduL.SEStandard;
using Scopes = RavinduL.SEStandard.Models.Scopes;
using QuestionSort = RavinduL.SEStandard.Models.QuestionSort;

var client = new StackExchangeClient();

var query = await client.Questions.GetAsync
    site: "stackoverflow",
    pagesize: 10,
    order: Order.Descending,
    sort: QuestionSort.Votes

foreach (var question in query.Items)
    Console.WriteLine($"{question.Title} (score: {question.Score})");

Please refer to the README on GitHub for information on how to use this library.


To install this library via NuGet (package),

    PM> Install-Package RavinduL.SEStandard -Version 1.0.0-rc

To install the NuGet package via the .NET Core CLI,

    PS> dotnet add package RavinduL.SEStandard --version 1.0.0-rc


SEStandard is a .NET Standard 1.1 compliant library and is therefore supported by all implementations version 1.1 and greater, of the .NET Standard (i.e. .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono applications, Xamarin, Universal Windows Platform, Windows Phone, etc.)

Please visit https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/net-standard#net-implementation-support for a list of platforms that this library can be used on.


The source code of SEStandard is hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/RavinduL/SEStandard

Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING.md document for information on how to build the library, repository layout, etc.


SEStandard is licensed under the MIT License.


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