Just want to confirm if I'm doing this right. The /questions guide doesn't mention this.

Let's say I want to ask for multiple tags in one request, am I doing this right?


So basically what I'm doing is to chain multiple 'tagged=ACTUAL_TAG' together. I get a successful response but when I compare that in the "Stack Overflow search q" results,


I get varying results/responses - they're not exactly alike. Some of the questions from the "Stack Overflow search q" are not found in my URI request. That's why I'm asking if I'm doing something wrong..

EDIT: As answered below, the /search URI request did the trick for me as it allows "OR" tags where you chain tags together.


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From the /questions doc:

...use the tagged parameter with a semi-colon delimited list of tags. This is an and contraint(sic), passing tagged=c;java will return only those questions with both tags...

(Emphasis added)

If you want questions that have either tag, use the /search route (or /search/advanced).

For example:

As for why the API sometimes differs from the website search, that has been asked a few times both here and elsewhere. EG, see Why is there a difference between "questions" and "search" in API?.

But a common reason for API calls that use dates (fromdate etc.) to return unexpected results is not taking into account how the API handles unix epoch time.

  • Hey genius Brock, the /search route did it for me. Thanks a lot! HAHAHAHA do you have a 'buy me coffee' button link? :D
    – noogui
    Commented Feb 9, 2018 at 12:55
  • You're welcome. No coffee button, but there are these handy "upvote buttons" (where appropriate). ;) Commented Feb 9, 2018 at 17:47

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