So am I to assume that since we can make an extra call to another site to get meta that site node in stats has been deemed redundant data.

If so, I have to suggest a reality break. This is one of several instances where the over aggressive conservation of a few bytes of bandwidth adds workload and complexity to consuming systems.

I realize we are in beta and changes are to be expected but please keep in mind the amount of time and effort the unpaid developers who are, as I have mentioned before, driving exposure to your brand.

Can we get just a little more love paid to the old school notion of adding to an interface wont break implementations, deleting from an interface breaks everything.

 "statistics": [
   "total_questions": 737715,
   "total_unanswered": 117069,
   "total_answers": 2030194,
   "total_comments": 2888132,
   "total_votes": 7146491,
   "total_badges": 737025,
   "total_users": 265568,
   "questions_per_minute": 1.85,
   "answers_per_minute": 3.73,
   "badges_per_minute": 1.56,
   "api_version": {
    "version": "0.8",
    "revision": "2010.6.17.1"

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This has been fixed.

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