myTagOverflow creates a visualization of the top tags related to your own activity on stackOverflow.

It may be useful when you want to demonstrate your technical abilities, based on factual data ;).

How it works:

  • Connect your stackExchange account
  • Visualize statistics about the tags you interact the most with on stackExchange
  • Adjust the graph layout by dragging/dropping tags
  • Use the visualization in your own website, CV or share on social media...


enter image description here

Download / Install

Access to myTagOverflow online.


myTagOverflow is a web application.


Created by Mehdi El Fadil. You may get in touch via github issues.


Dual Licensed MIT / Apache.

myTagOverflow is free and open source. Contact us if there is any question.


Following technologies are used:

  • d3.js
  • javascript / ejs
  • HTML / CSS
  • node.js / browserify / uglifyjs

Contributions welcome, let's discuss :)

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