I just wrote an app for Chrome extensions and received a request to make it cross-StackExchange compatible.

If there's eventually going to be more sites than just the few listed and I don't really know what they'll be called other than by checking here every so often to see what is supported, how do I future-proof my app to work with every SE site? Or am I doomed to hardcode everything?

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This question is nearly a duplicate of Complete list of sites to @include / @match into my script?.

This is not hard. There are only seven second-level domains to worry about and all new sites are likely to continue using a domain in the *.stackexchange.com pattern. See the above linked question for the list.

But if you are especially paranoid, you can check the site list via the API every month or two.

See, also: Can we have a list of all the Stack Exchange domains somewhere, for firewall purposes?

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