I was going through the stack exchange API and I want to extract information about, say, top 20 users of a particular stack exchange community. How do I use the API for that?

I tried on this page but could not get desired results. I am only getting random information.

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That /users route works perfectly fine for showing the top users (of all time).

For example to get the top 20 Mathematics users, use:


Which gives the same results as the top users page on math.stackexchange.com.


  "items": [ {
      "reputation": 431528,
      "user_id": 12042,
      "display_name": "Brian M. Scott"
    }, {
      "reputation": 429508,
      "user_id": 6312,
      "display_name": "André Nicolas"
      "reputation": 260417,
      "user_id": 8508,
      "display_name": "Robert Israel"
    }, {
      "reputation": 259414,
      "user_id": 622,
      "display_name": "Asaf Karagila"
    ... etc.

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