As of 1.10 this now also works in Firefox / Greasemonkey.

This is a userscript that modifies the Linked and Related sidebar lists to show answered status and other info:

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  • Draws border around "answered" questions (questions with an accepted answer or an answer with a score > 0).
  • Italicizes titles of questions with no answers (can be different than "unanswered").
  • Changes score box tool-tip to show answer status, answer count, and question up/down vote count (even if you don't have the privilege).
  • Caches sidebar status (30 minute expiration time by default) to try and reduce API calls (especially effective when re-visiting the same post).

Console Usage:

The SidebarAnswerStatus object provides a console interface to certain settings and functions:

  • SidebarAnswerStatus.setCacheExpireSeconds(integer) - Change cache expiration time. Default is 1800 seconds (30 minutes).
  • SidebarAnswerStatus.resetStats() - Reset statistics.
  • SidebarAnswerStatus.resetAll() - Reset everything (stats, cache, options including expiration time, etc.).
  • SidebarAnswerStatus.dumpInfo() - Print all stored data, for debugging.


  • API key not implemented, so uses your per-IP API quota of 300.

Change Log:

  • 1.10

    • Now works in Firefox / Greasemonkey.
  • 1.09

    • New console interface.
    • Ability to reset stats through console.
    • Ability to set cache expiration time through console.
  • 1.08 (+, +, +)

    • Warning banners now displayed when API quota is low (threshold 50 for warning, 10 for error banner).
    • Error messages now displayed in banner.
    • window.sidebarAnswerStatusInfo() for testing.
  • 1.06

    • Cleaned up stats tracking.
    • Fix border color to work on all sites.
    • Italicize text of questions with 0 answers.
    • Up/down vote counts showed on tooltips.
    • window.sidebarAnswerStatusReset() for testing.
  • 1.04
    • Per-site cache (oops).
  • 1.03
    • Cache results to try to reduce API calls.
    • Fixed a typo in quota warning.
  • 1.02
    • Fixed incomplete / crappy match rules.
  • 1.01
    • API page size set to 100.
    • Fixed incorrect behavior when same question appeared in both "linked" and "related" lists.
    • Don't attempt query if no links found (e.g. on /questions/linked/*).
    • Low quota warning (< 100) in console.
  • 1.00
    • Initial version.

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