1. Briefly

I don't find, how I can mass replace string in multiple answers, questions and titles of questions of any Stack Exchange site.

2. Example

For example, I want to replace incorrect form of a word консоле to correct form консоли. In Russian Stack Overflow at the time of writing this post we have 278 results for консоле. It would be nice, if would be possible mass find and replace, even if regular expressions will not supported.

3. Not helped

  1. I could not find answer for my task in Google, Stack Apps and Meta Stack Exchange sites.

4. Notes

  1. Yes, I understand, that before mass edits I need to ask Russian Stack Overflow community in Meta.
  2. In Russian we don't have word or form of a word консоле. In several cases word консоль have a form консоли.
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    This is doable but rather involved (more of a project than a quick answer). I estimate that it would take me a week to code to something beta-releasable. Good luck. Commented Apr 7, 2017 at 20:26


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