Stack Exchange References

What is it?

Stack Exchange References is a userscript for easily putting in references in answers and questions.


  • In the top bar of any answer or question on SE, a new image is added, which looks like:

    partial screenshot

  • When the [1] icon is clicked on, or you press Ctrl+Y, you will get a reference put into your post

  • You will get prompted for the reference link and name

  • <sup>[1]</sup>, which will end up looking like 1, will be put into the post's textarea wherever your cursor is

  • <sup>[1: Title of Reference][1]</sup> will be appended to the textarea, which will appear as 1: Title of Reference

  • Under the title of the reference, [1]: reference link will be put in the text area

Source Code/Download

You can view that source code on Github, feel free to contribute. You can download the userscript here. Also note that this will be updated from time to time, so you may have to reinstall.


I'm sure there are several bugs (one is that the [1] icon is terrible), so if you find any, please post them as an answer on StackApps or raise them as an issue on Github.

  • 1
    @BrockAdams: Turns out the question ability was already in place. Also, I've added keyboard shortcuts and rewritten the entire script in Vanilla JS.
    – michaelpri
    Commented Jun 5, 2015 at 5:45


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