This looks like an error in the search part of the API.

This search URL:

doesn't return any answers.

I'm supposed to get this result, at least:
Get column from a two dimensional array

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Although it doesn't appear to say so in the doc page, intitle expects an exact phrase, not a list of words.

You can currently see this by:
/2.2/search?intitle=get column array&site=stackoverflow

which currently returns one result with that exact phrase in the title, but doesn't return the many questions that have those 3 words in other arrangements.

To search for titles that contain a list of words,

use the /search/advanced route and pass multiple title:... properties in the q parameter.

For example:
/2.2/search/advanced?q=title:get title:column title:array&tagged=javascript&site=stackoverflow

which currently returns the question you expect as well as 5 other valid results.

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