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I have an idea for a stack app. However, I can't program it. Can I post an app suggestion?

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First, read and thoroughly understand both:

That said, you can propose changes to the API, or request apps, or request scripts. Keep in mind that this site is not an app/script writing service and almost everyone here is a volunteer.

It would be better if you ask for help solving a particular, Stack Exchange related need that you think could be solved with an app or script.

A good app/script request:

  1. Has a clear, actionable description of the desired result. Pictures help.

  2. Clearly aims to improve the use of Stack Exchange sites and/or Stack Exchange data.

  3. Has broad appeal and/or looks to be something fun or interesting to program/answer.

  4. Avoids "X Y problems". State your desired result in terms that don't depend on how you think it can be accomplished. For specific programming questions, ask on Stack Overflow.

Tag your request with one or more of:

, , and/or , as appropriate.
(Additional tags may apply as well. EG , etc.)

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