A post on a MathJax-enabled SE site is typically a mix of LaTeX-like syntax and HTML and/or Markdown. Consequently, the source of a post cannot be processed by a LaTeX compiler as is, despite the syntax similarities. After someone asked about a way to save a post in LaTeX format, I made the following rudimentary web app:

Save as LaTeX

Paste in the URL of any question on a MathJax-enabled SE site to get the question and its answers as a single LaTeX document, which can be copy-pasted into a compiler such as TeXworks, MiKTeX or web-based Overleaf. The questions are ordered by votes. Inclusion of comments is optional. It is also possible to get all of one's favorite questions at once.


  • The sites with \$ delimiters (currently EE and Code Review) are not supported.
  • Some posts may throw errors at compilation, requiring additional manual corrections (typically minor).

Here is how this Q&A looked after being processed:



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