RPG.SE's chat rooms support dice rolls as an easter egg. This script will convert d6 rolls that you see into Fudge dice, using the ordinary conversion rules: 1–2 = minus, 3–4 = blank, 5–6 = plus.

You can enable or disable these dice on a per-room basis. It will remember which rooms you picked. You can play around with the script and our other dice in our Dice roller & formatting tests chat room. To enable it for the first time, click the fudge dice link beside the room controls, and hit the Activate fudge dice button:

the fudge dice link is after the 'leave (all)', 'room', and 'info' links.

What's it look like?

Behold, an ordinary 4d6 roll:

1, 1, 6, 3

Converted to Fudge dice:

minus, minus, plus, blank

Optionally with colours! (which you can customise):

red minuses, green pluses

purple minuses, blue pluses

Since the dice roller defaults to rolling 6-sided dice, the quickest way for Fate players to roll a dice set is to just type 4d.

This only affects dice you see: others won't see your colour scheme, and people will only see fudge dice if they're running the script too.

Downloading / installation:

The script is available here: RPG.SE Chat Fudge Dice

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