In sx.el we are using url-request-extra-headers to pass API requests to Stack Exchange.

When performing multiple queries in quick succession, we end up receiving the same JSON response even when the headers are different. Specifically, the site parameter does not seem to be respected. https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/me/favorites is the biggest culprit when trying to retrieve a list of all favorites across all sites (for caching).

We had switched from appending all the header arguments to the end of the URL ?site=site&filter=filter... to passing them through headers to have a consistent interface for both POST and GET queries.

If we change the query to use ?site=site but still pass the remainder of the arguments through headers the data is updated as expected. Alternately we can wait ~1 minute between queries to ensure the data is updated.

Is this a limitation of passing arguments as headers with GET, or are we missing a parameter that would ensure that the change in site key is respected?


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