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I created this mostly for fun, with a little bit of learning thrown in. It's a super-simple implementation of a client for the Stack Exchange API written in Grails. It served as a quick means of exploring and learning about the API, and I hope others might use it to do the same.


Seeing as I've never released anything with a license before, I pick... the Apache licence.


Source download is available on GitHub at http://github.com/kellyrob99/stackoverflow-api-grails. The implementation is described on my blog in A Grails App Demoing the Stack Exchange API.


This should run on all platforms and has been tested in Tomcat.


Kelly Robinson. Please leave a comment on the blog if you need to contact me.


This is a Groovy and Grails (v1.3.1) applications written using IntelliJ IDEA and its excellent Grails integration. Code is available on GitHub, http://github.com/kellyrob99/stackoverflow-api-grails. Feel free to fork it and do with it what you will. Cheers.


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