Do you ever find yourself spending too much time on Meta and not enough time answering "real" questions?

This script will hide links to per-site metas from the Community Bulletin, which is a main route to Meta.

However, featured Meta Stack Exchange posts, announcements, events, blog posts, and podcast links will still be shown. If none of the aforementioned special links are in the bulletin (it's only Meta links), the bulletin will be hidden entirely:

enter image description here

The bulletin will shrink to fit the new size if only certain links are removed:

Community bulletin

This script was inspired by this post on Meta Stack Overflow.


You can download the script from Greasy Fork (Direct Link) or view the source code.


See the tag wiki for details on userscript installation.


See the Greasy Fork changelog.


Please post bug reports or feature requests on this page as an answer or comment.


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