I had written a Java Wrapper for the Stack Exchange API, version 1.x, Which was working perfectly.
But, since 12 May 2014, services for version 1.x have been shutdown and my Wrapper stopped working.

Before I move forward to make changes to my Java wrapper to make it compatible with V2.x , I wanted to know what are the changes between V1.x Vs V2.x in terms of:

  • Request URL and parameters
  • JSON response format
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    Here the changelog: api.stackexchange.com/docs/change-log May 22, 2014 at 18:57
  • Earlier with version 1.x , parameters body=true comments=true and answers=true etc were available. but seems not supported with API version 2.x. Are these params not supported in new API ? are these params moved to filters ?
    – Sanjiv
    May 23, 2014 at 7:32
  • @Sanjiv They've been moved to filters. Jul 4, 2014 at 13:07

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The changes in version of the API are documented in the Change log.

For V2.0 it has the following info on the request URL:

  • All API request now go to api.stackexchange.com with a site parameter
  • Every method of the form /users/{ids}* now has a /me version, which is the same as calling the /users/{ids} version with the user id of the passed access_token passed

And for the response format:

  • All method now return a common response wrapper object, which places data in the items property.

That wrapper object is described here:

field type Descripton
backoff integer may be absent
error_id integer refers to an error may be absent
error_message string may be absent
error_name string may be absent
has_more boolean
items an array of the type found in type
page integer
page_size integer
quota_max integer
quota_remaining integer
total integer
type string

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