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The SEScripts Chrome Extension adds various userscripts all around Stack Exchange, combined in a simple suite.


SECU - Chat

Stack Exchange Chat Utilities adds a variety of extensions to the StackExchange chat:

The Buttons option adds custom buttons to the input area, allowing for easy access to your everyday non-standard inputs and old quotes. With the Alerts option allows setting a list of alert words that, when posted to chat, are highlit and trigger chat's iconic ping sound. The newly-added Clear option can be used to wipe the visible transcript on the fly - to remove nasty pictures, or simply to get some calming whitespace.

SEPU - Posts

Stack Exchange Post Utilities simply adds a link to the post tools that goes straight to the question's timeline. On top of that, it also makes a revision link visible on all posts.

SEEU - Election

Stack Exchange Election Utilities fixes this pesky problem with the missing comment links on the election pages. The timestamp now links right to the correct comment.


This extension is released under the MIT License.



The extension itself is built for Chrome, while the individual scripts are compatible with most other UserScript agents. Currently, there is no cross-browser variant available, as the new storage mechanism is focused on Chrome!


For feedback on SEScripts, refer to the GitHub Issues.


JavaScript. Pure and simple JavaScript. No jQuery, just JavaScript. See the GitHub repository for more details.


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