When I am using this page for the Stack Exchange API /search path, I can see that it is generating time-stamps in this format:


What is this date format? How do I convert, to this time stamp, from

var date = new Date().getTime();


I got the specification from this doc , but I didn't get any method to convert, it is not just eliminating the millisecond values by dividing by 1000.


Since the .getTime() value is already in UTC, you can just divide by 1000, and round.

That is:

var apiDate = Math.round (new Date().getTime() / 1000);

works just fine.

apiDate is in "unix epoch time" and the API takes these values even if the API parameter is called a "Date".

But, if you want to truncate to the date only, just use:

var dateTime = new Date ();
dateTime.setUTCHours   (0);
dateTime.setUTCMinutes (0);
dateTime.setUTCSeconds (0);

var apiDate = Math.round (dateTime.getTime() / 1000);

See, also "How do I parse the dates from the API?".


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