I see logo_url, icon_url, favicon_url, high_resolution_icon_url... But I wasn't able to find any information about any of those images in the documentation. Are any of them fixed size? And/or is there a place where I can find the intent for each of those images?

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"Are any of the fixed size?"

I can't really answer that question directly, but for reference, the dimensions of the images supplied by the API for Stack Overflow are as follows:

Image:                    Dimensions:
logo_url                  250x61
icon_url                  158x158
favicon_url               16x16
high_resolution_icon_url  316x316

I didn't have the patience to verify if the other sites used the same dimensions - but I would assume that they do.

"And/or is there a place where I can find the intent for each of those images?"

There is nothing in the documentation (that I am aware of) indicating specific intents for these images. But here is my humble opinion on each of the images:

  • logo_url - this image contains not only the site logo but also the name of the site in the appropriate font. I can't really see a valid use for this that wouldn't violate the trademark guidelines, however - but you never know.
  • icon_url - the primary purpose of this image (judging from the filename) is to serve as an apple-touch-icon - an image that will be used by iOS devices when a page is bookmarked. Of course, there are a lot of other things such an image could be used for.
  • favicon_url - this image is provided in .ico format so I can't really see much use for it.
  • high_resolution_icon_url - basically the same as icon_url but a much higher resolution. This might be valuable on high resolution displays or an area of your site that requires a really large copy of the logo.
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    A few corrections. logo_url is whatever size the site's actual logo is, and can change as sites get new designs. favicon_url is an .ico, and can technically hold multiple resolutions, but 16x16 is guaranteed for favicons. Our trademark guidelines only restrict using the logo in advertising, you can use it to identify sections/modes/content/etc. in your app without issue. Mar 4, 2013 at 18:35

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