I have the SODDI v.11 utility (although the screen says v.10)

I also have the SODD from 092011.

When I try to import the SF/MSF data, I get:

Table 'SF.VoteTypes' doesn't exist.

It creates the SF database and the following tables:

  • posttags
  • posttypes
  • votetypes

I've also dropped the votetypes table and created the same table as VoteTypes (case sensitive), and get the same error.


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The case sensitivity in the error message turns out to be the culprit.

I had to disable case sensitive table names in MySQL on a linux host. In the my.cnf, add lower_case_table_names = 1. Restart MySQL. This bypasses the case sensitivity of the underlying file system for storing the MySQL data.

I was on the right track by trying to maually create the table with case sensitivity, but the doc shows that the database is dropped and created, so any change I had made was dropped.

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