I have the SODDI v.11 utility (although the screen says v.10)

I also have the SODD from 092011.

When I try to import the SF/MSF data, I get:

Table 'SF.VoteTypes' doesn't exist.

It creates the SF database and the following tables:

  • posttags
  • posttypes
  • votetypes

I've also dropped the votetypes table and created the same table as VoteTypes (case sensitive), and get the same error.


The case sensitivity in the error message turns out to be the culprit.

I had to disable case sensitive table names in MySQL on a linux host. In the my.cnf, add lower_case_table_names = 1. Restart MySQL. This bypasses the case sensitivity of the underlying file system for storing the MySQL data.

I was on the right track by trying to maually create the table with case sensitivity, but the doc shows that the database is dropped and created, so any change I had made was dropped.

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