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screenshot of se search to google search


Adds a Google button below the Search button on the search page which takes you to a Google search restricted to the current Stack Exchange site but with the same search terms otherwise.


I hereby release this script into the public domain. Do what you want with it.


You can download it directly from github:gist: Download

If you are using Firefox with Greasemonkey installed and enabled, you can install it directly by clicking here.


It's a browser user script so it can be used directly on Google Chrome and opera via their "extensions" menus and pages. On Firefox it requires Greasemonkey. So far It's only been tested in Google Chrome on Windows 7.


You can contact me, Andrew Dunbar, a.k.a. hippietrail via the Travel Stack Exchange chat room, "You Are Here", or just leave a comment or answer right here in StackApps.


It's written in heavily jQuery -ified JavaScript.
Read the code on github.
Make a clone of the code on github.


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