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SECharts - StackExchange charts application is a static web application where you can browse some data regarding all 37 SE sites. I have created SECharts to learn Hadoop and Apache Pig on the Amazon EMR and while looking for some data to work with I found SE Data Dump. I have used the latest data dump available (August 2012) and processed that. Once I got the results I wanted to present them nicely and that's how the SECharts were born.


It's free, it doesn't contain any ads or anything like it and so far is just a pet project


You can see the app working at: SECharts If you want to, you can download the individual files, there is no zip prepared. All are hosted on Amazon S3 as a static website.


Tested on Mac OS with Chrome, Firefox and Safari


More information about this app and how I build it is available at my blog: www.sofwarepassion.com


I have created the script for analysing the SE Data using Apache Pig and then run it on Amazon EMR. For the presentation layer I created a Java Velocity template for a single SE page and then a simple java program that would fetch the results, parse the template and generate 37 pages for all the data I had. The index page I did by hand.

Any questions, suggestions, opinions etc can be posted on my blog at: www.softwarepassion.com


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