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cv-pls Helper makes the process of closing questions easier on Stack Overflow.
There are a lot of 'bad' questions being asked and to help reduce the noise these questions should be closed as fast as possible.

This extension in no way automagically closes questions on a close vote request, but rather makes the review process better.

The extension parses [cv-pls] and [delv] requests in the chat of Stack Overflow. An example of a request is: [tag:cv-pls] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9991825/arabic-in-extjs-grid. When the extension sees a request it will parse it into a nice onebox. Optionally it will also notify the user by sound (Stack Overflow chat @mention beep) or by avatar notification (like mention / flag popup).

Also check out this post for more information about the "cv-ring" process and why it is needed.


Released under the MIT License.


Download the latest version (0.20.1).


The extension is tested on Google Chrome 11+ on Linux and Windows. If you have any issues using other versions of OS, Chrome or a combination let me know and I might fix it.


The extension is created by PeeHaa (Pieter Hordijk) and contains contributions from Hakre. Also special thanks to rdlowrey for testing the extension.
You can find us on GitHub: Hakre, rdlowrey and PeeHaa or in the PHP chat.


The extension is built using Javascript and uses the jQuery library (yeah I know jQuery sucks ;) ).
The source can be download form the GitHub repo. You can fork the repo if you want to contribute or you can submit an issue if you find one or when you want to make a feature request.

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