As by far and large (one of) the (two) largest consumer of /users/*/reputation1 , I humbly request an addition to this route.

What I'd love to see is getting the reputation score in addition to the reputation changes, since this API route only gives me a partial view of the picture (I don't get updates fro downvotes cast; rep recalcs; suggested edits that get accepted; etc.). The main gripe with this is then that people see the reputation grow from 8,991 to 9,001 from an upvote, then reload the page and find out their reputation is not over nine thousand after all as they downvoted a post in the meantime in some other tab.

If I used tools that already do exist, I'd have to double the amount of calls to also hit /users/{id}/ (and discard most of the returned information; I guess filters will help there in v2) and I already feel like SO Live! could do with making less calls.

I understand that getting the reputation score at an arbitrary second in time is quite expensive, so feel free to making this field optional and make it return the current reputation score at the time of calling, and not at totime seconds since Epoch.

1: SO Live! (I dunno if either or both editions) generated last year 535k API calls. The /users/*/reputation route got called 1.3m times. I only use that route, so I'm responsible for 41% of that route's usage — The math is simple. :)

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    Those stats aren't for a whole year, but for a month; just FYI. Sep 30, 2011 at 16:41


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