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With all the other sites (except electronics, which has the same icon for both), Meta has the B&W or sepia icon, while the main site's icon is coloured. This is also the case with the site's favicons.

With Electronics the icon is (same as the main site): but it's favicon is(ie B&W):

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I get a similar but different problem: when polling http://stackauth.com/1.1/sites?page=2, I get the regular icon for Electronics.SE and Electronics.SE Meta.


...are identical and probably shouldn't be.

  • Yes that's what I meant about Electronics, but it just didn't come across right :)
    – Jonathan.
    Commented Jul 17, 2011 at 20:16

This bug was written against a now decommissioned version of the API (Version 1.1) but was fixed long ago and never a problem in the current API version.

For example, the API's /sites route returns:

    Main         Meta

That is:

Which is all correct. It matches the live site styling and the meta styles are grayed versions of the main site -- just as shown on the live metas.

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