Let's say I'm a large organization with online documentation for an extensive API.

At the bottom of each page in my API reference doc I'd like to have a button that says "show incoming links from stackexchange (n)" where n is the number of links. When the user clicks on this button I would like to present a list of stackexchange posts sorted by score.

I don't see anything in the Stackexhange api that I could use to accomplish this.

Dogfood for dinner anyone?

This would allow people to quickly locate discussions about a particular part of my API in a stackexchange site.

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Since this is not time-critical (you don't need to index posts the second they're created), it would be easier to use data dumps. Just go through the list of posts using your favourite language, no http requests involved.

You can also monitor latest questions periodically with simple /questions request and add new incoming links to your database.

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