Question Dashboard for stackoverflow.com (plus meta, serverfault and superuser) - page analyzed and indicators shown at the top of the question, just under the title, for key information.


stackoverflowQdashboard hosted at wittman.org

stackoverflowQdashboard hosted at github

Greasemonkey (Firefox) and GreaseKit (Safari) compatible.

Screenshot A:

stackoverflow Question Dashboard Screenshot
(source: wittman.org)

Here are your configuration options:

/*** Configuration ************************/

//Modules and Other Options

// Easteregg Users
var mod_eastereggUsersEnabled = true; //If true then indicates if specific users are found (could be considered an easter egg - the three Js and the author of this user script)

// Early Adopter User
var mod_earlyadopterEnabled = true; //If true then indicates if an early adopter user is found (based on configuration var earlyadopter_threshold)
var earlyadopter_threshold = 12000; //Early Adopter Threshold (minimum user id integer value) at which point users there and lower are considered early adopters of SO

// Answer Vote Count
var mod_answerVotecountEnabled = true; //If true then indicates the answer with the greatest vote-count on the page

// Comments
var mod_commentsEnabled = true; //If true then indicates if one or more comments from Warm to Supernova (thresholds of comment-vote-count) are found.

// User Reputation
var mod_userRepEnabled = true; //If true then indicates if one or more users that meet a certain threshold are found (10k+ User and "Help a Noobie" (user with rep in the single digits)
var userRep10kEnabled = true; //[Config var mod_userRepEnabled must be true to enable] If true then indicates if at least one user with 10,000 rep value is found
var userRep1kEnabled = true; //[Config var mod_userRepEnabled must be true to enable] If true then indicates if at least one user with 1,000 rep value is found
var userRepNoobEnabled = true; //[Config var mod_userRepEnabled must be true to enable] If true then indicates "Help a Noobie" if at least one user with rep value 1 to 9 is found

// Track (words/phrases to be detected are text in the question page)
var mod_trackEnabled = true; //Set true to enable tracking words/phrases
var trackArr = ['cobol', 'forth', 'lisp', 'best practices', 'Babbage']; //If trackEnabled is true, then this array of words/phrases (case insensitive) is tracked (if found on question page, indicated in Question Dashboard. A regex is used, so there's a performance consideration, but the advantage is there shouldn't be much substring false positives (e.g. var trackArr = ['.NET', 'C#']; ~~~ Given 'The .NET framework blah blah blah' then '.NET' WILL match ~~~ Given: 'Use www.example.net as an example site.' then '.net' WILL NOT match.

// Other Options
var subdashboardEnabled = true; //If true then the Sub Question Dashboard rendered (it is a copy of the Question Dashboard located above the Answer Paging controls ([1][2]...Next)
var communityWikiIndicatorEnabled = true; //If true then indicates if Question is a Community Wiki
var extraIndicatorEnabled = false; //Left border of main content section gets set to dotted gray if Community Wiki, or orange if regular question and some component for Question Dashboard is detected.
var meEnabled = true; //If true, indicate if I (the logged-in user) is found in the Answer section



Screenshot B:

stackoverflow Question Dashboard User Rep Screenshot
(source: wittman.org)


Screenshot C:

meta.stackoverflow Question Dashboard Screenshot
(source: wittman.org)


Note: Originally posted here: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/31486/question-dashboard-greasemonkey-script on Dec 1 '09.

  • Doesn't work for me in Chrome 9.0.597.98 :'( Feb 19, 2011 at 4:33
  • "Greasemonkey (Firefox) and GreaseKit (Safari) compatible." Sorry. Feb 21, 2011 at 9:52
  • Link at bottom of this post is now dead.
    – Gaffi
    May 20, 2013 at 17:05


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