Currently, StackAuth returns:

state: linked_meta

...regardless of the state of the parent site.

This makes my logic quite complicated as then I have to match it up with its parent site to find its state.

Can we change it to:

state: linked_meta_private_beta
state: linked_meta_public_beta

* Maybe this can be a v1.1 feature?

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How hard is it to remove "meta." from the api_endpoint and then iterate through the list of about a dozen sites you got already to find the one with a matching host name? In Objective-C, which is generally considered a verbose language, it takes maybe a dozen lines or so to be really thorough and catch corner cases and whatnot...

For reference, here's how I retrieve it.

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    Sorry, but I've never touched Objective-C before in my life :) I'm just asking for something a little more intuitive. Jul 10, 2010 at 8:34

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