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Incorrect can_flag value from 2 different API Methods

I am trying to retrieve and show if a comment on question/answer is flagged or not.

I see there is can_flag variable but whenever I use /questions/{ids} i always get can_flag is true.

However when i retrieved individual comment using /comments/{ids} i am getting correct status.


Question ID: 51812 Site: meta

In first Answer, I flagged 5th comment (Comment ID: 764560). Below screenshot is from /questions/{ids} and i am receiving can_flag=true.

enter image description here

However when i call /comments/{ids} I get can_flag=false which is correct. I also tried with 4th comment (Comment ID:396655) for which i received can_flag=true.

4th Comment

enter image description here

5th Comment

enter image description here

Why is there an inconsistency? Is this a bug? or is this designed this way?