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OBSOLETE - Soapi.CS : A fully relational fluent .NET Stack Exchange API client library

Soapi.CS for .Net / Silverlight / Windows Phone 7 / Mono as easy as breathing...: var context = new ApiContext(apiKey).Initialize(false); Question thisPost = context.Official .StackApps ....
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OBSOLETE - Soapi.JS : fluent JavaScript client library for the Stack Exchange API

OBSOLETE This library uses the old API, and the domain doesn't work anymore. There's still an archive on CodePlex. Soapi.js If you are looking for a full featured, compact JavaScript ...
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3k views - everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. (about an SE user. almost.)

About All Stack Exchange users at your fingertips. The core of this application is a robust data acquisition and maintenance platform based on Soapi.CS that reliably and ...
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OBSOLETE - StackCenter - your one-stop app for everything Stack Exchange

OBSOLETE: The site and app have been down for years. Update: StackCenter has been completely rewritten to use Soapi.JS2. I have also made some changes to the UI. Screenshot About StackCenter is a ...
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API usage triggering 503 (Too Many Requests)

Update: I generally try to back any claims of bugs and shortcomings with evidence. I have prepared a test page which you, dear Stack Overflow staff and my fellow developers, can use to ascertain ...
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-430 rep - why?

I just lost 430 rep. from 6777 earlier today to 6347. This seems to be localized to my account only. Why?
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Are there more implementation samples with Stack Exchange API 1.0? How could this API useful to me or my users?

I'm looking at how the Stack Exchange API could be useful in my site. Is it fair to say I am in read-only mode when I search for results? What is some envisioned use-case scenarios for this? I ...
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How to use min/max with sort

While some sort values make inference of the expected min/max values less than ambiguous, others do not. Pending formal documentation, I hope this can serve as an informal reference. Aggregated sort ...
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Is there an app that shows rep as points/week etc?

I'm interested in seeing my reputation graphed as points earned per day/week/month rather than the cumulative graph you get on your profile. Is there an existing app for that or is it something I'd ...
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Retrieving JSON via the API using Ajax does not work

I tried to retrieve information of my user profile on Stack Overflow via the API using Ajax/jQuery. But it does not work for me. The result of the request is always empty. <html> <...
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App to monitor a beta site for all questions

The only notification app I could find that lets you monitor all questions on a site is soapi-notify, but it doesn't let you monitor beta sites. Is there an application that will let me monitor all ...
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API selectively ignores jsonp parameter - havok ensues

UPDATE: this is happening on all routes now and seems to be getting worse. Whatever it is just started this morning. compare url to json response GET /1.0/users/14/badges?key=qgAq_KfDu0KYzlNG-qaTuw&...
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