I've checked legal section but it does not say anything specific of this aspect apart from:

Do feel free to explain that your product is built on the Stack Exchange platform so people understand your product.

I saw a couple of apps that already have a disclaimer (Stackathlon, Saggregator):

API Site names and logos (stackoverflow.com, serverfault.com, superuser.com, stackapps.com, meta.stackoverflow.com) are © Stack Overflow Inc. This site is in no way affiliated with Stack Overflow Inc. except for the fact that we use their awesome API to provide you this service.


This site is not affiliated with Stack Exchange, Stack Overflow or any of their family of sites. The data used to produce this page is covered under a Creative Commons license.

Do you have any guidelines to follow?


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Just be reasonable. Trademark law is based on the principle of not confusing "the reasonable person" as to the origin of goods and services.

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    ahhh... a clear and calm voice of reason. Commented Jun 28, 2010 at 23:07

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