I was just reading into this API and wanted to test it out before I would use it in a project.

I have added an application on this site and got all of the keys.

When I try to authenticate a user with the following URL (according to this manual):

https://stackoverflow.com/oauth?client_id=[id]&scope=private_info&redirect_uri=[git username].github.io/[git repository name]/

When I go to that URL in a browser I get the following error:

Could not parse uri [[git_username].github.io/[git repository name]/]

I have made sure that the redirect_uri is in accordance to my specified OAuth Domain as you could find in your own app here https://stackapps.com/apps/oauth/view/[id].

I have also tried URL encoding the URI but that didn't make any difference.

I hope you could help me with this problem!

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It's not explicitly mentioned in the documentation (perhaps because it uses the term URI, and says it must be 'under' a domain), but for the redirect URI I always use a 'full' address, including the scheme. E.g. https://example.github.io/example-repository/; could you give that a try? URL encoding the URI isn't necessary; forward slashes are allowed in the query string.


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