stackcpp is an asynchronous C++11 library for the StackExchange API!

Code Snippet

Here's a small example of the API in action:

#include <iostream>
#include "stackcpp/client.h"

int main() {
    std::cout << "Input a user id: ";

    stackcpp::unique_id user_id;
    std::cin >> user_id;

    // You need to replace 'api_key' by a valid API key.
    const stackcpp::client client{"api_key"};

    const auto user = client.users(user_id).get();
    std::cout << user.name() << " has " << user.reputation() << " reputation!\n";

Note that while this example doesn't use filters, it is highly recommended that you should.

Download / Install

You can head over to github and either download the source and build it yourself, or download the pre-built libraries.


stackcpp supports every platform that has a conforming C++11 compiler and Boost support. As of right now, this doesn't include Windows, as its <future> implementation isn't fully done.


If you have any bugs or feature requests, you can head over to github and post them there.

Alternatively, bugs can also be reported here in form of "answers".

If you have any general questions, you can comment here or go to IRC freenode #stackcpp (although I can't guarantee that I'll be online 24/7, so commenting is the better option in my opinion).


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