I was considering making an app that lets the user design a profile picture and then activate it on the user's Stack Exchange account. Could a feature to change the profile picture be added to the write API?

The list of APIs shows /users/{ids} and /me, which return a user object containing a profile_image field. But it doesn't show anything for writing to paths in /users/. Otherwise, the user will have to download the image and then go digging for it in the file system in order to upload it using a web browser. Or is inability to change the profile picture one of the "constraints imposed to prevent abuse" mentioned in Write Access?

The closest question I found was Can I change my user profile using the API?. Its answer merely pointed out that version 1 of the API was read-only.

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As you have discovered, you cannot do this with the current API.
See, and upvote, this related feature request: Is there an API to upload images to SE's imgur installation?

See, also, Using the Stack Exchange API to update my user profile? on Meta Stack Exchange.

Your only current possibility is to manipulate the user's normal profile page, if you can.

I doubt that this feature is blocked by "constraints imposed to prevent abuse". It is more likely demand (low) versus difficulty (medium to high).

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